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Because age, stress, and environmental toxins cause a natural decline in cellular communication, creating a products that could replenish redox signaling molecules would have a profound impact on health.

ASEA has developed a revolutionary technology that replicates stable redox signaling molecules outside of the human body. This is important because ASEA’s patent-based process has been used to develop products that contain these life-sustaining molecules and help maintain optimal cellular communication. Because these products work at such a foundational level, they help to maximize wellness at every age.

The science behind RENU 28 is a revolution in skin care. Using a process designed to support the body’s own redox signaling molecules, RENU 28 assists in enhancing cellular communication from the outside in, providing a whole-body skin care that improves the healthy appearance of your skin. RENU 28 has been shown to make visible improvements in skin, adding smoothness, evening texture, and increasing moisture and elasticity with redox signaling molecules that actually revitalize your skin’s health—not just its appearance.

RENU 28 skin gel is revolutionizing the way we think about the health of our skin. It works from the outside in to promote cellular health, which then results in more vibrant, healthier skin on the surface. When your skin is healthy and looks good, you feel more confident and are ready to share your very best with the world.

This is the power of ASEA’s redox signaling technology.

ASEA isn’t just in a leading health category.


ASEA Controls its Production

In order to support the company’s steady growth, ASEA has invested millions of dollars in a production facility that enables us to control the creation process from raw materials to your doorstep. Operating a facility of our own also allows us to maintain the highest quality assurance, control costs, and provide stability to you and your business.

NSF Certified - GMP Registered

The 33,000 square foot facility houses offices, testing labs and a production floor. Storage and fulfillment take place in the warehouse portion of the building. The facility produces approximately 15,000 cases of ASEA Redox Supplement each week depending on global demand. Which is only about 30% of the facility’s capacity, and 10,000 tubes of RENU 28 per week allowing us to grow as demand increases.

The plant is USFDA registered, NSF Certified and GMP compliant and undergoes regular inspections. Additionally our facility is Kosher certified.