ASEA launches Cell Performance: Powered By Redox™ and formulated for energy, mind, and mood

ASEA, a global health leader in redox technology, today announced the launch of its Cell Performance line of products to balance energy, mind, and mood. Formulated to improve performance starting at the cellular level, Cell Performance can help your body and mind perform at optimal levels.*

Introducing REDOXEnergy, REDOXMind, and REDOXMood. These three naturally flavored packets are Powered by Redox™ and formulated from natural herbs and other ingredients—without fillers or artificial colors—to support daily performance with a sustained boost to your body and mind. ASEA has leveraged decades of redox research to formulate Cell Performance and improve well-being at the cellular level.*

“Redox innovation has been an integral part of our DNA since our founding more than 10 years ago, and that innovation is at the core of the global redox movement we are driving,” said ASEA President Scott Aldred. “Our new Cell Performance category builds on this foundation and provides important and targeted benefits for your mind, your mood, and your energy.”*


Give yourself that extra boost with a blend of Powered by Redox ingredients specifically

selected to provide you with more sustained and balanced energy. REDOXEnergy supports cellular performance with increases in coenzymes, antioxidants, and metabolic function, helping your cells reach natural redox homeostasis easier and balance energy levels while reducing occasional fatigue. Natural guarana, L-theanine, and other ingredients provide the energy you need to be alert, boost cognitive energy output, help protect brain cells, and support cellular redox balance and focus.* Add this deliciously refreshing natural lemon-lime flavor to your favorite drink and tap into your innate energy and potential.*


For sustained cellular cognitive performance, REDOXMind boosts your brain’s performance in five key areas: focus, memory, clarity, sharper thinking, and overall brain health. ASEA’s proprietary blend of ingredients aids in connectivity between neurotransmitters, enhances interactions between your brain’s nerve cells, improves performance and cognitive function, and supports healthier brain cells.* Select Powered by Redox ingredients have been clinically proven to:

  • Improve attention and shorten response time for quicker thinking.
  • Support attention, working memory, and long-term memory. †
  • Promote antioxidant activity to improve spatial and recognition memory. †

Based on a three-week consumer testing study conducted by Kantar Group 2022

ASEA’s proprietary formula includes Red Orange Complex, which helps positively regulate glutathione (GSH) levels and antioxidant enzymes to support the ability for learning and improved memory. Add this berry-lemonade flavor to your favorite drink and experience a more focused, clearer state-of-mind.*


REDOXMood helps naturally calm your thoughts by supporting neural-brain cell activity and reducing overall stress-related distractions for sustained cellular calmness and good mood. The proprietary blend of ingredients is meant to improve brain cell performance and aid in the production of key chemicals that naturally regulate your mood, increasing calmness with less stress—at both a cellular and an emotional level. REDOXMood also improves sleep and important mood-regulating hormones. Powered by Redox ingredients L-tyrosine and GABA work together to help support mood and to provide neuroprotection against oxidative stress. Calm the chaos around you by adding this tropical flavor to your favorite drink and enjoy an enhanced feeling of peace and calm.*

REDOXEnergy, REDOXMind, and REDOXMood come in convenient, on-the-go sticks packs—30 stick packs of each product or 10 of each in the ASEA Cell Performance Variety Pack—and can be purchased through an ASEA associate or by calling 844-400-ASEA.

ASEA, a global leader in redox technology, is pioneering cellular health products through a principles-based, direct-selling business model. ASEA offers first-to-market revolutionary redox signaling molecule products, helping your cells work together as they’re meant to do. Our redox technology supports the body’s natural cellular renewal and communication, as well as signals the regulation of genetic pathways. ASEA redox products power the potential of your cells, your body, and your life to help you feel your best.* Founded in 2010, ASEA currently operates in 33 international markets. For more information about ASEA® products or the accompanying business opportunity, visit ASEA Cellular Health.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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