ASEA Production Innovation: Why we stand by every product we make

At ASEA, our success story as a company starts with innovation. That’s why every single bottle of ASEA® Redox Cell Signaling Supplement is made with top-of-the-line equipment and expert innovation. Learn why our redox production process is something we take pride in.

Powering your cellular potential with redox production 

Built in 2013, the ASEA Redox Center conducts ongoing research and continuously designs new products Powered by Redox™ to support your cellular potential. Between operational logistics, redox production, fulfillment, quality assurance, warehousing, and customer service, our on-site staff makes sure every step of the process is expertly executed. Our quality assurance departments oversee the standards, practices, and testing that ensure ASEA is always producing top-quality products, using technology and methods that comply with national and international regulations.

Forecasting global demand, coordinating with transit partners, optimizing warehouse space, and serving customers through associate support helps make sure that everything is running smoothly from beginning to end.

State-of-the-art facility for superior products

The creation of our $1.6 million, state-of-the-art production facility allowed us to bring our western U.S. order fulfillment in house and expanded our warehouse space to accommodate continually increasing demand for product inventory. The entire facility is 34,500 square feet or the equivalent of seven NBA basketball courts. In a typical 10-hour shift, the production staff produces $1.2 million in products. The facility is FDA registered and NSF International certified — making sure that every public health and safety standard for consumer products is followed scrupulously. We are also Kosher and Halal certified, to make sure that our facility complies with strict food requirements for cleanliness, purity, and safety.

Perfecting the process, every step of the way

Manufacturing, quality testing, and distribution of all ASEA products is an elaborate and important process. The very first step is the filtration of local water. Water filtration is important for the creation of redox products because it allows us to control exactly what is in our water. Although the water we receive has already been purified, we make sure to test for heavy metals, microbials, and the exact purity of the water.

Using a softening and reverse osmosis water filtration system, we remove calcium and magnesium through a primary ion-exchange process. Then, we use reverse osmosis to remove sodium, hydrocarbons, sulfates, and cadmium through a pressurized chamber. Next, we deionize each product, removing the remaining inorganic compounds resulting in ultra-pure water. And finally, we use UV light filtration to kill and deactivate any possible microorganisms to ensure a sterile solution. 

After we thoroughly filter the water, we add sodium chloride. In our tanks, we have a very specific level of sodium chloride that is added to the water. Once we have the solution in place, the solution goes through a mixing process, followed by a chilling process. When we’ve reached the correct levels of salinity and temperature the product is transferred into large 4,000-gallon tanks. All of the patents and intellectual properties for ASEA take place right here.

On-site testing and quality assurance

Our on-site testing laboratory is key to our production and product development processes. In this lab environment, we can test the redox potential of small product batches, as well as try out new product formulations. We of course also use third-party validation for all of our ASEA Redox products. Every fourth batch of product is tested independently to certify our results.

Once our product is tested and approved, we move to bottling. The plastic that we use for the bottle is the same that we use for processing, in order to keep the product viable for up to fifteen months. Once we’ve bottled the product we send it out for independent testing. At our distribution warehouse, each product is tested for one final time before being boxed and shipped to you. We rotate global inventory in ninety days or less. We stand behind quality and standards. The research that we do on the product ensures safety. 

“My family and I take these products every day,” says President Scott Aldred, “I understand the technology behind these products, but I also understand the results. I’ve seen them firsthand. It is my passion and my mission to produce the highest level quality of products at the ASEA Redox Center.”

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