ASEA® Cell Performance and Anti-Doping

When people dedicate their life to professional-level competition, they expect strict rules and guidelines that protect them from unethical sports practices. Not only do athletes need to know if any products they’re consuming are safe for competition, they expect their fellow competitors are following the rules for fair play. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was established in 1999 to prevent unethical competition practices and is composed and funded by world governments to protect athletes, promote clean sports, and preserve the spirit of good sportsmanship around the world. Learn why ASEA and our products are safe and reliable for professional athletes.

Why are WADA-certified products important?

WADA exists to protect athletes and help international athletic competitions stay clean. When athletes use prohibited substances, they not only damage their health but gain an unauthorized competitive advantage over their peers. Some athletes may turn to doping to avoid defeat, and some feel the pressure of expectation when overwhelmed. Doping is sometimes a short-term solution for staying in the game. However, even more concerning are instances of athletes who ingest products they did not know were prohibited under WADA criteria and unwittingly jeopardize their performance, reputation, athletic career. That’s why ASEA is proud to offer top-of-the-line wellness products that are designed with strict WADA guidelines in mind.

Cell Performance passes the test

The ASEA® Cell Performance category is the newest wellness product designed with WADA guidelines. REDOXMind, REDOXMood, and REDOXENergy were tested under strict compliance by Korva Scientific in Azusa, California and received successful recognition for safe use in athletic competition.

Relied on by top athletes for performance

“I feel relaxed and calm when I go into a national or international competition,” says Kendra, “Because I know that ASEA products are non-toxic and … safe for competition. I feel confident when I use them, knowing they’re clean and good for my body.”

Professional athletes like All-American runner Kendra Chambers compete with strict guidelines which indicate what substances and methods are prohibited in sports.

“I’m randomly drug tested by the United States Anti-Doping Agency and World Anti-Doping Agency,” says Gold Medalist Olympic swimmer Breeja Larsen, “and I have to declare any supplements I’ve taken. I have, with full confidence, put ASEA® Cell Performance on my forms, knowing that they are clean. It is a relief to know that my chosen recovery product* will never be tainted or cross-contaminated with an illegal substance.”

Before every competition, athletes are tested to comply with these rules. ASEA Athletes are proud to use wellness products that they can rely on and which help them compete at their best without compromising their health, safety, or qualifications.

ASEA powers potential

At ASEA, we power potential! Each of our products undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the utmost safety for use. ASEA Ambassador Triple Diamond and member of the ASEA Medical Professionals Board, Dr. David Silverman, reflected on the results of our rigorous safety studies, and our legacy of safe product usage among thousands of customers reaffirms today.

“The most important thing people should understand about ASEA Cell Performance is that it can’t hurt you when used according to use directions,” says Dr. Silverman. “It’s non-toxic, allergen-free … people don’t have to worry about side effects with this product.”

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