ASEA Leadership

    • Verdis Norton | Founder Retired

      Verdis Norton

      Founder, Retired

      The visionary who made ASEA’s beginnings possible, Verdis Norton is more than an originator. He is also a strategist who built a distinguished career leading billion-dollar companies, including Kraft Foods, before founding ASEA. His strategic proficiency brought ASEA to the worldwide marketplace and guided the company through its early phases of growth. Maintaining his interest in the company, Verdis appears at select company events.

    • Tyler Norton | Founder, Chairman

      Tyler Norton

      Founder and Chair

      Tyler is co-founder and chairman of the board at ASEA Global, a top-50 global direct sales organization doing business in 33 countries around the world.

      Prior to founding ASEA®, Tyler had a successful two-decade career in the financial services industry where he served as a VP, senior VP and chief distribution officer for several multi-billion-dollar financial organizations.

      In addition to a successful corporate career, and founding and leading ASEA, Tyler has also founded several different businesses over the past 20 years, including a global strategic advisory firm dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial success in companies of all sizes worldwide. His passion for the power of human potential and the entrepreneurial spirit led him to collaborate on a 3-D interactive film experience called License to Dream, which is currently part of a charitable initiative to teach and promote entrepreneurship to high school students around the world. Tyler helped to launch the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce and served as a personal advisor to their CEO & president for many years on their advisory board. He has served on several corporate advisory and elected boards.

      In addition to his diverse executive leadership and consulting experience, Tyler has a deep commitment to the humanity of business and is devoted to motivating people to reach their full potential. Tyler’s Ethos training, a deep dive into balancing ethics with economics, is at the heart of ASEA’s culture internationally.

      Tyler has a degree in economics from the University of Utah and lives in Highland, Utah. He is a talented bass guitarist, enjoys the outdoors, music, and reading. But most of all, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife, six children and one grandson (hoping for more).

    • Charles F. Funke | CEO

      Charles Funke

      Chief Executive Officer

      The most approachable CEO you’ll ever meet, Charles Funke leads the ASEA corporate team with confidence and constructiveness. His background is in sales and marketing-driven distribution models attained during his 17 years in the financial services industry, and he brings that expertise to his leadership of the company. Charles has worked for two Fortune 100 companies, has held chairman, president, and CEO positions at Beneficial Investment Services and served as an officer with the Principal Financial Group.

    • Jarom Webb | President

      Jarom Webb


      With a flair for spotting an opportunity and executing its potential, Jarom Webb brings to ASEA nearly a decade of experience in the direct selling industry in addition to strong experience with large multinational companies outside the industry. He has led treasury, risk management, finance, and international development for an $800 million company and has held senior financial positions with two other companies. Jarom has also consulted a variety of startups and large conglomerates.

    • Scott Aldred | Chief Operations Officer

      Scott Aldred

      Chief Operations Officer

      No one knows the ins and outs of production and distribution better than Scott Aldred. He has in-depth knowledge of packaging equipment and materials as well as manufacturing experience in producing nutritional supplements. His degree is in international relations and Asian studies from Brigham Young University. Initially attracted to ASEA’s company ethics, Scott brought to the table more than 30 years of operations, sales and business development experience. He handles all aspects of global operations—every product ASEA creates, all quality control and product testing at our production facility, and complete global distribution of product orders.

    • Dave Wall | Senior Vice President of Global Finance

      Dave Wall

      Chief Financial Officer

      Guiding ASEA’s financial operations is Dave Wall, who oversees budgeting, forecasting, treasury management, tax, and fiscal reporting, and ensuring the protection of ASEA’s monetary interests. He also implements strategic planning and forecasting to ensure that company initiatives are fiscally viable. Dave’s bachelor’s degree is in accounting from Utah Valley University. He went on to earn an MBA from Utah State University. Dave has directed the intricacies of ASEA’s financial function since 2011, and has watched the company grow and expand into foreign markets, with attention to tax treatment for shareholders, banking and payment processing, and cash management and treasury oversight.

    • Steve Davis | Senior Vice President of Global Information Technologies

      Steve Davis

      Chief Information Officer

      If it takes tech, Steve Davis has it covered. ASEA relies on him to steer both internal and external IT functions. Steve ensures that all processes are stable for corporate staff and that tools for the field associates are convenient, secure, and fully supported. His global responsibility extends beyond corporate headquarters to ASEA’s manufacturing facility, data centers, remote agents, offsite backups, and international offices.

    • Jörg Höche | Vice President of Europe

      Jörg Höche

      Chief Revenue Officer

      Overseeing ASEA’s global revenue is Jörg Höche, who brings decades of experience in both as a network marketing executive and field leader. He has worked in his native Germany as well as in France, Great Britain, and southern Africa. He loves traveling to new places, and when given the choice, he does it on a motorcycle. When Jörg came to ASEA® in 2016, he found something he had never experienced in any other company: a focus on people. He became pivotal in developing ASEA’s Europe market into a dynamic, global enterprise. With his charismatic personality and unique sales and leadership experience, Jörg unifies the global regions of ASEA and encourages all regional sales VPs to work as a single team.

    • Justin Wilson | Senior Vice President of Global Sales

      Justin Wilson

      Senior VP, Global Sales

      A lifetime in network marketing has given Justin Wilson firsthand knowledge that this business meets people where they are and takes them where they want to go. His own experience building a successful international distributorship makes him passionate about supporting people as they pursue their career goals with ASEA®. Justin brings plenty of corporate experience in key leadership positions to his role in global sales as well; he has traveled all over the world and has been instrumental in managing and setting up business operations in several countries, including ASEA’s Europe market. His focus now is to bring the ASEA culture worldwide.

    • Ben Tyler | Legal Council

      Ben Tyler

      Senior VP and General Counsel

      With over 20 years of experience as the general counsel for some of the largest companies in the direct sales industry, Ben Tyler heads up ASEA’s efforts to strengthen and protect the ASEA® opportunity worldwide. He has been instrumental in market openings and product registrations in Europe, Asia, and in Latin America. Prior to his career in direct sales, he worked for 10 years as a courtroom litigator. Ben earned his Juris Doctor degree from Brigham Young University.

    • Kurt Stickley, Ph.D.

      VP, Quality Assurance and R&D

      Dr. Kurt Stickley has a diverse scientific background that includes research and development as well as quality in the human health industry. He was drawn to ASEA by the opportunity to fill a role that encompasses both skill sets, and he was excited to put his talents to the test in a growing organization. He gained his expertise working in specialty manufacturing as a research scientist before moving to the pharmaceutical industry as a process development chemist, where he stayed for eleven years. Dr. Stickley then spent nine years in the dietary supplement industry working on product quality and process improvement initiatives. He holds a B.S. in chemistry from Grove City College and an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Vanderbilt University.

    • Darrel Ieremia

      Regional VP, ASEA Latin America

      As ASEA’s Regional Vice President of Latin America, Darrell Ieremia brings a wealth of experience from the network marketing industry, spanning the last twenty years. His consulting company worked with several companies in the industry for over ten years. ASEA® was initially a consulting gig for Darrell as well. The company’s genuineness was palpable, and he came on board permanently after a year. His experience serving in leadership positions in sales and operations brings a unique and invaluable perspective. Having lived in several Latin American markets during his career has given Darrell a love of culture, people, and their passion for entrepreneurialism.

    • Kimberly Hill

      Regional VP, ASEA Australia/New Zealand

      Combining a humble ambition for humanizing work culture and a professional love for instilling operational best practices, Kim Hill has led ASEA® to impressive success in Australia and New Zealand. Her market not only boasts a great culture; it lays claim to the most ASEA associates per capita of any region. With 20 years of sales and training experience, including overseeing direct sales in the southern hemisphere, Kim is ready for any challenge.

    • Romeo Andriafanomezana

      General Manager, ASEA Philippines and Thailand

      With an eye on ASEA’s global presence as a whole, Romeo Andriafanomezana creates, directs, and implements strategies in the Philippines and Thailand markets that drive enrollment and support retention. He brings to this position more than a decade of experience in the direct selling industry as well as three years at ASEA as regional manager in Asia markets. His vast international experience has been built doing business in many countries, including Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. Romeo has worked with large corporations as well as with start-ups. He is highly effective in assessing international markets and developing and implementing business strategies that lead to significant and sustainable growth. His dynamic personality is the foundation of his ability to collaborate with other regional teams and relate to executive management, peers, and customers at all levels.