ASEA Advisory Council

Nobody can build a great business alone, and having access to high-quality advice can enhance an organization’s odds of success. ASEA’s Advisory Council is comprised of some of our top leaders who contribute to the overall strategic direction of ASEA globally.

  • Trish Schwenkler | Presidential Triple Diamond Executive & Advisory Council Member

    Trish Schwenkler

    Presidential Triple Diamond Executive

    From her friendly, always smiling approachable manner to the time she takes to touch each member of her team. Trish has spread the belief of ASEA, helped everyone feel like they belong to this great company and is an incredible leader. She embraces the idea that she is ASEA because all of us are ASEA.

  • Alan Noble | Ambassador Diamond Executive & Advisory Council Member

    Alan Noble

    Ambassador Diamond Executive

    At first, Alan did things the traditional way, earning a degree in International Finance, only to discover that his desire for adventure and travel outweighed his desire for a career in finance. Then, an unexpected event sent Alan on an aggressive search to find the most powerful health technology he could, and he discovered ASEA. Within 4 months he walked away from his other businesses to pursue ASEA full time..

  • Tammi Gates | Ambassador Double Diamond Executive & Advisory Council Member

    Tammi Gates

    Ambassador Double Diamond Executive

    Tammi is an “ambulance chaser,” an EMT, a former Flight Medic, CPR Instructor, and C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) Member. Both Tammi and her husband Chuck are outdoor enthusiasts who love camping, hunting, and riding ATVs. As 20-year network marketing mavens, they love helping people reach their dreams and have seen countless lives transformed and enhanced through ASEA.

  • Reidun Bohn | Ambassador Diamond Executive & Advisory Council Member

    Reidun Bohn

    Ambassador Diamond Executive

    Reidun is adamant that the product sells itself and that there is nothing like it. When asked what first drew her to ASEA, Reidun doesn’t hesitate at all. “The product,” she says. “Business opportunities are everywhere, but a product like this is unique. When you have a product that no one else is even close to having, that helps people in a way I have never experienced before. I cannot see a better way to make a living.”

  • RoseMary Skinner | Ambassador Diamond Executive & Advisory Council Member

    RoseMary Skinner

    Ambassador Diamond Executive

    Rose adora el baile como una forma de expresarse. Siente que aunque el baile en ocasiones involucra un cierto grado de sufrimiento, aún cuando sea cansado, ella se lo debe a la gente. Desde la niñez, ella consideró el baile como una manera de desahogarse, que aunque no todos tienen ese don, un producto como ASEA puede, por otro lado, ser compartido con los demás. Ella lo resume así: “Yo soy ASEA”.

  • Dan Doyle—Ambassador Diamond Executive & Advisory Council Member

    Dan Doyle

    Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive

    A few short years ago, Dan’s vision for the future was simply survival. Health challenges had devastated him financially to the point where he and Suzanne were contemplating applying for food stamps. Within months of hearing about ASEA, however, Dan realized that could all change. So for the first year, Dan worked nonstop. He talked to people all day, every day. Today the work is still constant and demanding—but different. The two travel together, visiting team members to offer training, support, and encouragement.

  • Terry Latham | Ambassador Diamond Executive & Advisory Council Member

    Terry Latham

    Ambassador Diamond Executive

    Wanting more time with his family, Terry found that network marketing gave him the freedom to set his own schedule. After 12 years in the industry, Terry was introduced to ASEA. “Being introduced to ASEA has changed our lives,” he shares. “The decision to join came down to the total package; the founders, the product, and the fact that people were making money.”

  • Chris Gullo | Triple Diamond Executive & Advisory Council Member

    Chris Gullo

    Triple Diamond Executive

    As an MBA honor graduate, Chris worked in the Financial Industry for over 15 years. After careful consideration, Chris decided to move into the MLM Industry. Over a 22-year period, he built an International business in 26 countries and achieved the highest of accolades of worldwide leaders. Chris is passionate about helping others reach their personal lifetime goals and aspirations. Today Chris is one of the top business builders globally in ASEA and enjoys paying it forward with a real purpose and mission.

  • Sissel Anderson

    Triple Diamond Executive

    Sissel was already a top income earner in direct sales before trying ASEA skincare and making a leap into a business as an ASEA associate. She made ASEA her full-time career after meeting the executive team. Now she has the luxury of focusing on improving her health, boosting her family finances, and advancing personal development.

  • Deni Robinson

    Presidential Diamond Executive

    Deni went from living in a 40-foot trailer in Wyoming while supporting her husband’s career to building towards and earning Presidential Diamond as an ASEA associate. She now speaks at industry events and hosts retreats and conferences for her associates and their enrollees. She now prioritizes spending time with her grandchildren at their family cabin, horseback riding, and working out.

  • Nichole Dennis

    Ambassador Diamond Executive

    Nichole led a successful life as a transport planner and the youngest person in management at her company before realizing the typical nine-to-five routine wasn’t for her. She started with RENU 28 in Australia and built a duplication system from scratch. She went on to establish a consulting firm and continues to work on high-profile projects as a managing director in her company, all while running a successful ASEA business on the side.

  • Derek Chew

    Triple Diamond Executive

    Derek lived in the gateway hub of Singapore for years and immediately recognized how ASEA’s breakthrough redox signaling technology could thrive in the Asia market. He struggled with health issues and had such a good experience with ASEA products that he wanted to share the opportunity with the world. He is now working toward the Diamond Life program and loves how the values and ethics of this company help improve the lives of others.