• Verdis Norton | Founder Retired

    Verdis Norton

    Founder, Retired

    Verdis Norton a connu une carrière brillante, menant des entreprises qui valaient des milliards de dollars vers des résultats encore plus spectaculaires. Il a occupé le poste de vice-président de la stratégie chez Kraft Foods. Il a aussi joué le rôle de consultant de direction et de conseiller stratégique auprès de plusieurs sociétés Fortune 500. Outre son expérience en tant que dirigeant d’entreprise, Verdis a développé un système exclusif de stratégie et de planification des affaires, désormais appliqué par un certain nombre de sociétés dans le monde. Il tire profit de cette vaste expérience stratégique pour mener à bien les principaux aspects commerciaux d’ASEA.

  • Tyler Norton | Founder, Chairman

    Tyler Norton

    Founder, Chairman

    Tyler Norton compte dix-sept ans d’expérience dans les secteurs des services-conseils en gestion et des services financiers, y compris neuf ans au sein de la haute direction chez Beneficial Financial Group où il a travaillé en tant que vice-président, vice-président principal et directeur général de la distribution. Tyler a aussi été premier vice-président d’Insphere Insurance Solutions, une société de capital-investissement de Goldman Sachs et The Blackstone Group, dans laquelle il rendait compte directement au PDG. Avec son père, Verdis Norton, Tyler a fondé StrategicLink, société de conseil en gestion spécialisée dans l’enseignement des processus de planification stratégique que son père a développés pendant sa longue carrière de directeur dans des sociétés Fortune 500. Tyler a enseigné et conseillé ces processus à des milliers de personnes, de sociétés et d’organismes à but non lucratif dans tous les États-Unis. Parallèlement à sa carrière de cadre variée et à sa grande expérience en conseil, Tyler apporte à l’organisation un profond engagement à la culture d’ASEA et à l’humanité du métier. Il adore enseigner, inspirer et motiver les personnes à atteindre leur plein potentiel et à devenir les meilleurs.

  • Charles F. Funke | CEO

    Charles F. Funke

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chuck Funke a reçu son diplôme de licence de l’université Brigham Young et son MBA de l’université de Bellevue. Avant de rejoindre ASEA, Chuck a été président du conseil d’administration et PDG de Beneficial Investment Services ainsi que cadre supérieur du Principal Financial Group de Des Moines, en Iowa. Dans le secteur des services financiers, il a mené sur le terrain de nombreuses équipes aux États-Unis et dans le monde entier. Cette grande expérience lui sert bien, car il supervise les efforts d’ASEA pour fournir à nos associés indépendants les outils, la formation et la motivation dont ils ont besoin pour réussir.

  • Jarom Webb | President

    Jarom Webb


    As president, Jarom Webb oversees ASEA’s global growth, operations and finances. He sits on the board of managers and the executive committee, which direct the planning and execution of the company’s strategy and global policies. Prior to his appointment as president, Jarom served as ASEA’s chief operating and financial officers. Jarom brings to ASEA nearly a decade of experience in the direct selling industry in addition to strong experience with large multinational companies outside the industry. Before joining ASEA, Jarom led treasury, risk management, finance and international development for an $800 million multinational direct sales company. He has also previously held senior financial positions with two publicly traded global technology companies and consulted a variety of startup and large conglomerates while working for KPMG, a $25 billion global audit and consulting firm. Jarom holds a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Utah. He and his wife Adrien keep very busy with their five daughters and one son.

  • Justin Wilson | Senior Vice President of Global Sales

    Justin Wilson

    Senior Vice President of Global Sales

    Justin Wilson’s focus is to bring the ASEA culture to field associates in worldwide while providing executive oversight to all sales. His network marketing know-how has its roots in his nearly two decades in the industry, working both on the corporate side in key leadership positions as well as in the field building a successful distributorship in the United States and abroad. Justin has traveled all over the world and has been instrumental in managing and setting up business operations in several countries. This diverse expertise gives Justin a unique set of skills as he serves as an ambassador for ASEA and drives company sales strategy.

  • Scott Aldred | Chief Operations Officer

    Scott Aldred

    Chief Operations Officer

    With more than 25 years of experience, Scott Aldred handles all aspects of global operations for ASEA, including all of the production of ASEA Redox Supplement and RENU 28, all quality control and product testing, and global distribution of product orders. He has a deep knowledge of packaging equipment and materials, as well as manufacturing experience in producing nutritional supplements. Prior to working at ASEA, he was the executive vice president and general manager for a large contract manufacturing business. Scott attended Brigham Young University and majored in International Relations and Asian Studies, with a minor in Economics. Scott and his wife Gloria have four daughters and two grandsons.

  • Dave Wall | Senior Vice President of Global Finance

    Dave Wall

    Senior Vice President of Global Finance

    Guiding the financial operations of ASEA is Dave Wall. With responsibility for ASEA’s budgeting, forecasting, treasury management, and tax, as well as financial reporting, Dave ensures protection of ASEA’s financial interests. He also implements strategic planning and forecasting to ensure that company initiatives are financially viable. Dave has directed the intricacies of ASEA’s financial function as the company has grown and expanded into foreign markets, with attention to tax treatment for shareholders, banking and payment processing, and cash management and treasury oversight. Dave earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Utah Valley University and an MBA from Utah State University. He and his wife Mandi have one son and two daughters

  • Steve Davis | Senior Vice President of Global Information Technologies

    Steve Davis

    Senior Vice President of Global Information Technologies

    ASEA’s reliance on Steve Davis is twofold, as he directs both the internal and external IT functions. Steve ensures that all processes are stable for corporate staff as well as ensuring that tools for the field associates are convenient, secure, and fully supported. Steve’s global responsibility extends beyond corporate headquarters to ASEA’s office in Munich and the manufacturing facility in Pleasant Grove, Utah, as well as to ASEA’s data centers, remote agents, and offsite backups. Steve has vast experience in opening global markets, not only from an IT perspective, but from strategic projects, operations, and business systems analysis perspectives. Steve and his wife Katie have three witty sons. They enjoy spending time together in the outdoors.

  • Jörg Höche | Regional Vice President of Western Europe

    Jörg Höche

    Regional Vice President of Western Europe

    Regional Vice President of Western Europe, Jörg Höche, is responsible for managing all market needs of the region, driving enrollment, developing leadership and planning and delivery of operation projects for the region. In his position, he works closely with both the ASEA headquarters in Utah and the ASEA sales force. Jörg Höche brings to ASEA more than 15 years of experience as an executive manager in the network marketing industry. He served as General Manager for an industry giant in France, Great Britain and South Africa. Previously, he had gained sales experience in the telecommunication industry. Jörg’s language skills in English, German and French are definitely an asset when working with leaders and associates everywhere in Europe. Jörg is an avid Harley Davidson fan. When he’s not working, he enjoys getting out on his motorcycle and traveling. Jörg is married and has one daughter.

  • Karen Reilley | Regional Vice President of Sales for the United States

    Karen Reilley

    Regional Vice President of Sales for the United States

    Working closely with field associates, Karen Reilley focuses on professional and personal development for ASEA’s sales force. She coordinates with IT, marketing, communications, and associate support to create better programs and provide a sustainable business opportunity, relying on her experience in working with billion-dollar direct sales companies in a variety of leadership and key coordination roles. Her experience spans training and development, customer quality assurance, information technology deployment, and international expansion. Karen’s passion is to provide a superior experience for ASEA’s independent associates. Karen enjoys riding her motorcycle, getting out on the lake, and being with family. She has one daughter.

  • Ben Tyler | Legal Council

    Ben Tyler

    Legal Council

    Ben Tyler has served as a senior executive and as general counsel for some of the largest companies in the direct sales industry. He applies his extensive experience to ensure that not only are ASEA’s marketing and sales legal and compliant, but that we can tell our story in a way that leads to successful growth and expansion. He has lived and worked in Japan and has assisted in the international development of several direct sales companies. As the chief legal officer, Ben oversees all of the legal and regulatory issues for ASEA. Ben earned his bachelor’s and law degrees from Brigham Young University. Ben and his wife Valerie have 11 children and 10 grandchildren.

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