BioAgilytix Redox Certified

BioAgilytix Labs, Inc., specializes in large molecule bioanalysis for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, BioAgilytix is a global leader in outsourced laboratory services developing, optimizing and conducting bioanalytic testing, third-party validation, supporting pharmaceutical discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development and manufacturing.

As a leading contract research organization (CRO lab) specializing in large molecule needs, BioAgilytix enables scientific innovators to develop and deliver game-changing biologic innovations through their expertise in cell-based assays, biomarkers, immunogenicity and pharmacokinetics.

ASEA Bioagilytix Certified

Redox Validation

BioAgilytix Laboratories Redox Certified

To maintain our BioAgilytix certification, ASEA provides a regular product sampling for a scientific assay to verify the existence of redox signaling molecules in ASEA products.

BioMarker Detail

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ASEA Bioagilytix Certified

Why Validation?

From the inception of the company, it’s been a high priority for ASEA to put resources and attention on research and science. We believe in what the products can do, and it is important for us to put effort into research and validate that these products do make a difference in the lives of the people that use them. ASEA is committed to building products that can be validated by research and make a difference in people’s lives.

Research studies and testing are integral to any successful product or brand, which is why we are committed to investing in the science. Research is a crucial and vital measure we take to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products. Through these research efforts, our associates and consumers can take note that systematic investigation, which includes research development, testing, and evaluation, has been done to demonstrate the benefits and safety of our products.

The Future of ASEA Scientific Evidence

Because ASEA takes science seriously, continuous research is paramount. We have an ongoing commitment to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of our products, certify them where possible, and advance the research that proves the potential and benefits of redox signaling supplementation, both internally and externally.

We believe we have the science to back up efficacy and safety of our products and we continue to seek out new opportunities for scientific validation. Science is an ongoing endeavor. It doesn’t end with the most recent research and will not end even once we know the answers to the larger questions regarding the benefits of ASEA and redox science. Answering one question inspires researchers to explore deeper and more detailed questions for further research. As long as there are unexplored and unexplained opportunities, the ASEA science team will continue to investigate them.

ASEA Bioagilytix Certified