• Brooke Alpert, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

    Brooke Alpert, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

    做為全國公認的營養專家和作家,Brooke Alpert擁有紐約大學的科學碩士學位。她在紐約大學附設的Mt. Sinai 醫院完成訓練。她經常在國內電視台露臉,包括Doctor Oz Show、Today Show與好萊塢。她也在國內和國際雜誌中被引述、露臉:如People、 Shape、 Glamour、 Town & Country與 Tatler。Brooke被W雜誌評選為美容和健康領域的新星。她和丈夫、兩個女兒住在紐約市。

  • Karen R. Stolman, M.D.

    Karen R. Stolman,醫學博士

    在紐約、新澤西和猶他州有14年的臨床和醫學美容科執業的經驗,Karen Stolman博士擔任猶他大學皮膚科系的客座教授。她擁有紐約大學醫學院所頒的醫學學位,並獲得皮膚科委員會認證,是美國皮膚科學會的會員。

  • Robertson D. Ward, M.D.

    Robertson D. Ward, M.D.

    Robertson Ward, M.D., is an internationally known physician, author, and researcher. His career has been noted by his passion for integrative medicine. He has combined natural remedies within his traditional medical practice in both hospital and ambulatory settings. Fueled by his love for scientific discovery, Dr. Ward is committed to being on the cutting edge of research and the advancement of science. He has been involved in more than a dozen Phase III clinical trials in a wide variety of medical studies, from hypertension to fibromyalgia. He is also a recognized expert in the field of redox biochemistry and published Healthy Cells, Healthy Life in 2017 to help health-conscious people understand ways in which this field of science can help advance health. Education: Iowa State University – B.S., 1977, University of Illinois Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine – M.D., 1981. Academic appointments: University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences – Instructor (2003-2016). Awards: CIBA – University of Cincinnati Resident of the year 1984. Certification: American Board of Family Practice 1984-2020, American Academy of Family Physicians 1984-2020.